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Friday Nights Live …

Beginning Friday, November 5, and all subsequent Fridays until further notice, we return to our building for erev Shabbat services. Services are at 7:00 pm and will also be available for viewing over TBJ’s live stream service (

To attend services in person:

• you must be vaccinated against COVID-19

• you must wear a mask at all times when you are in the building

• you must leave the building at the end of services when the clergy announce that services are over and invite you to exit

On your way out, you will be able to take a cup of wine/juice and a cup with a small piece of challah in it. These protocols were decided on by the TBJ COVID-19 Task Force at a recent meeting.

There will be a periodic exception to the vaccination requirement: Approximately one Friday night a month, a religious school class will lead the service. As the vaccine role out for those under 12 has not yet begun and will probably take months to complete, these services most likely will be led by unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students. All weekly emails will note specifically when those services will take place.

For now, Saturday morning services and Torah study will remain on Zoom, with occasional exceptions. Again, the weekly emails will note specifically when services or Torah study will take place in the building.

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and healthy,


Rabbi Robin

Rabbi's Message of Welcome

Temple Beth Jacob in New Hampshire’s capital city of Concord, is a welcoming community of individuals and families who represent a wide range of Jewish experience, commitment, and observance. Our practices respect the values of worship, loving kindness, education, and social action.

TBJ celebrates diversity through the ideals of Reform Judaism. We are one of the oldest synagogues in New Hampshire, founded in 1907. Begun as an Orthodox community, we affiliated with the Reform movement just after World War II. As Concord’s only synagogue, we are an eclectic blend of Jewish worship practices, as our members represent the full spectrum of Jewish diversity. Our ancestors Abraham and Sarah we renowned for their tent – a tent open on all sides. It was by welcoming all who came to them that their faith and family grew. And so it is at TBJ. At our heart are warmth and a welcoming spirit to all who enter our doors. Whether you are Jewish by birth or by choice, married/partnered with someone who is Jewish, raising Jewish children, searching, or just curious, know that you are always welcome at TBJ. We hope you’ll find a home with us as we strive to engage with Torah and the legacy of Jewish learning so that our ancient traditions resonate in our lives and in our world today. 

L’shalom (with peace),

Rabbi Robin Nafshi

Mon, January 17 2022 15 Sh'vat 5782